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Bulletproof: Your Trusted Source for Professional and High-Quality Military Products

We stands as the most reliable company offering professional and high-quality military products, ensuring prompt delivery. Our top-tier bulletproof body armor undergoes military testing, meeting all standards and requirements.

What are ballistic plates?

A ballistic plate is a protective armored plate inserted into a plate carrier or bulletproof vest, capable of providing standalone protection or enhancing the vest’s overall protective capabilities. It serves to defeat higher threats. Our NIJ level 3+ Ballistic plate is crafted from special military grade steel with a minimum hardness of HBW value 500. Meeting NIJ level 3 requirements involves withstanding 7.62×39 7.97 grams FMJ ammunition. The addition of “+,” in general, indicates the material’s ability to withstand more robust battle gear. Ours successfully resists penetration even from 7.62×54 FMJ 11.7 grams, with each ballistic bulletproof plate weighing 4.9 kg.

Who are our ballistic plates ideal for?

We cater successfully to the needs of the military, law enforcement, security personnel, concerned civilians, firearm enthusiasts, hunters, and anyone seeking safety equipment for any reason. You can trust Bulletproof for unmatched protection and quality. We provide ballistic pulletproof protection for you.

BulletProof Is The Best Choice If You Need Quality

Professional and High-Quality Military Products.

We specialize in providing professional and high-quality military products. Our commitment is to offer only top-notch items, ensuring prompt delivery. The high-quality bulletproof body armor we offer undergoes rigorous testing by the military, meeting all required standards and specifications.

Choose us for reliable products that prioritize quality and adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

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Bulletproof Ballastic Plate

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Ballistic Plate, NIJ 3+

Full Alloy Plate Resistant to pointed bullet soft core and 5.56×45 steel penetrator, 762×54 FMJ. Special Coating, without posing any danger of secondary damage resulting from bullet fragmentation. Size 250×300 mm. Made in Estonia

PRICE 349€


Plate carrier + 2 plates bundle

Get a ballistic plate carrier of your own choice (Coyote, Task Force Black, Dark Olive) + TWO plates with a discount price. Regulated Plate Carrier sizes: M, L and XL. Plate size 250×300 mm. Made in Estonia.



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